Swamped at Work + Time to Reschedule

11 May 2012


By kamiash

Kamiash is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Studying is not going so well. I haven't been able to crack open the book all week.

I am usually able to study at work but have been super swamped. Since I am definitely not ready I will be pushing my test to July or maybe even August. With this decision comes much procrastination because I have given myself more time.

We've all been there. The I'll-study-twice-as-much-tomorrow-to-catch-up syndrome, which leads to this-weekend-I'll-study-all-days, etc. Uuuugh!

This exam is a beast. It takes so much from you but then again you can't leave it alone. I'm drawn to the challenge. I can't let this defeat me. Soooo, time to dust my shoulders off and get back into the groove.

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Maria 12 years ago

Hi Kamiash, My only recommendation will be to keep a log of your study schedule/plan and comit to it.