Ready to Put in the Time to Pass FAR

09 Aug 2012


By kamiash

Kamiash is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

This week I will officially begin my studying for FAR. I have been doing some note-taking here and there but I have honestly not done the ample studying I need to get this info.

I've been down and decided to start reading the blogs and found one Jeff wrote back in 2009. So motivating. He is completely right when he says if you are not studying 20 hours a week you are not studying.

So I've set it on my calendar to get to the 20 hour a week goal. AT LEAST!!! I have my ELL Plan saved to my desktop and will be tracking my hours. This will be more than I have ever done for this exam in a week.

I have truly slacked the whole way through this exam but I need to just do it. I am going to try … scratch that … I will wake up early every morning. OK, almost every morning (depending on how late I went to sleep the night before) and I am going to make sure I get at least 2 hours at night, and I'll do some lunch breaks depending on whether or not I'm having “a chipotle, red mango day”.

I will do this and pencil in some hours over the weekend. Early mornings, and late nights. I'll need the Bustelo for this one, but FAR, I'm coming for you.

“There is no score that can't be overcome and there are no characters that can't be beaten.”

“Success is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.”

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Mia 12 years ago

When are you scheduled to take FAR? I'm taking on 8/25 so I am in the homestretch as well. Keep moving forward. Best of luck.