Quite a Week: FAR Exam and a Root Canal

06 Feb 2013


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Which would you prefer? Well I can say with absolute certainty that I would have another root canal.

I took my FAR exam last Monday and had this dental issue on Wednesday. The root canal procedure was much less painful than this FAR exam and the previous two FAR exams I had taken.

Hopefully and prayerfully, this was my last exam, period.

I got to the testing center a full two hours ahead of my appointment time. The weather outside was nice so I decided to sit in my truck, finish my mocha frappe and go over some last minute notes.

This testing center has always been very good about letting me start early and they did this time as well. My appointment was at 4:00 and I got started about a quarter till 3.

Approximately ten to fifteen minutes into the exam, I was ready to smash the computer screen against the wall and any other furniture and fixtures not bolted down. Talking a serious HIYA breaking scene!!

The first testlet was that tough. On my previous exams, I have never really been able to distinguish the hard and medium difficulty levels. This was an exception.

I plowed through the first, second and third testlets in about two hours and fifteen minutes which left me some great time for the SIMS. They were brutal as well.

You know the questions where they ask something like take a gallon of paint, let it rise to room temperature, take it outside and let it freeze for 1.22 hours, thaw it, pour in two containers and how much does it cost. Um huh. That was my exam.

I got really aggravated at not having pencil and paper and having to use those stupid markers on those stupid laminated sheets. During the exam, I had to get new markers FIVE times. Talk about aggravating and disruptive.

At the end of the exam, I was hoping to get to talk about this in the survey but guess what? I didn't get a survey.

So now I have to wait about three weeks to see if I have passed all four parts or if I have lost AUD. I am remaining optimistic and refuse to speak any negativity.

Everyone at work and elsewhere always ask “Well how do you think you did?” My response is that I prepared well and I did my best.

I am taking a few days away from the books to get some things done at my home. While waiting on my score to be released, I plan on taking progress tests in my review program and continue to listen to the FAR NINJA Audio.

Best wishes to everyone who is studying and waiting on scores!


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