Refresher Course + Preparing for Audit

26 Nov 2012


Kasper is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

What’s up NINJAS?

It’s that time of the year again! Just a few days ago, we all enjoyed our favorite meal of the year – Thanksgiving dinner!

The reason why I think Thanksgiving dinner is awesome is because I don’t have to cook, rather, my parents cook for the entire family… HiYA!

Besides the optimistic outlook for the next few days, I am a little bummed because I might not be able to take a ‘refresher’ class for audit at my local CC for the upcoming semester.

You might ask, “Hey, haven’t you already finished college?” The answer is Thank God, yes!… and I do want to emphasize the ‘refresher’ part because I feel like the audit section is my weakest section.

Since I do have some time left before my test in 2013, I wanted to take this opportunity to master audit so that I may feel confident come testing.

Unfortunately, with the way the community college system is going in California, classes have already been filling up to capacity with returning students. Since I am a new student, I am in the back of the line to enroll in classes. Sucks!

I’ve been going through the NINJA Flashcards every day for about an hour. I want to know how the other NINJAS utilize their flashcards. Do you have a certain method to run through the deck?

Anyways, who here watches NBA? I’m a huge Lakers fan. With the way they are playing now, I foresee another championship run! We’ll see about that.

Alright fellow NINJAS, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!