Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Katie

12 Oct 2012



Katie is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.


It has been 18 months, $2,500+, 2 heartbreaking scores (74 & 73), and one miserable excuse for a score since I began pursuing my CPA.

I remember very distinctly the day I decided the designation was something worth pursuing. And I am no closer than when I began. Well, I’m a little closer I suppose.

It took falling a few steps back to get me to step up my game. And now, I’ve not only made the decision, but the commitment to go along with it.

No more weekends out or evenings in with a glass of wine and The Voice as time passes by. Time is limited to only 24 precious hours each day. I spend 9 of those off the top at work.

Then there is the commute and bonding-time with my 5 year old daughter while catching up on chores around the house and preparing meals. By the time I put her to bed and begin my study regimen I am exhausted.

I’m left with approximately 10 hours to allocate between studies, sleep, and mommy-relax-time. But this is the moment I have to decide, once again, to carry on.

I usually study for about 3 hours, unwind, prepare for bed, and sleep for six. This is a dramatic change for me. I’m not a morning person, and have somehow found a way to function on less than 8 hours of sleep it really is quite the feat.

I’m sitting for Financial in November. This will be my second fling with this particular exam, although in my mind the first attempt didn’t count. Sort of like calories consumed before 10 a.m. and any experimentation in college (wait, scratch that last part). I studied for about 3 days and needless to say my score was an accurate reflection of that effort.

Hey, it was summer. Who wants to study while the summer sun is shining?

This time everything counts. EVERYTHING. Every chapter read and note written (or rewritten as Jeff suggests) counts. Every video watched and every MCQ.

It all counts and the score that I anticipate I will receive on Dec. 8 will definitely count. It will count towards my goal. It will take me the first 25% of the way to becoming a CPA.

No more excuses.