A Diva’s Quest to Pass the CPA Exam

26 Nov 2012


Kemberli is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Not as Easy as I Thought

No, I’m not talking about the CPA Exam. I knew that would be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to endure. I’m speaking about – BLOGGING!!

When I requested more information about becoming the next great NINJA Blogger, I thought “How hard can that really be?”

Well, let me tell you. As my mother would say “It’s been more than a notion!”

I haven’t been without great ideas mind you. There was the intended blog about Saturday morning studying as my dentist tried desperately to place my crown while I constantly shifted in the chair to get a better view of my study materials.

Then of course, there was the planned “To Run or To Study – That is the Question” blog. Oh, and I can’t forget about the gut wrenching “What Makes Me Think I Can Do This?” blog.

Unfortunately, none of them ever made it to the page. They live on in my heart though.

So, recently I received a very sweet email asking me when I thought I’d be submitting a new blog post. Can you say “Embarrassing?” I feel terrible, like I’ve let down my legions of blog followers for the last 7-8 weeks. Yes I said Legions!

If only in my mind, I have thousands upon thousands of fans desperately waiting for the next installment of the saga that is “A Diva’s Quest to Pass the CPA Exam.” It doesn’t matter that I’ve only submitted a ONE blog post and that was my introductory piece!

Here’s a quick recap of why I’ve been MIA: I sat for BEC on last Monday. I think it went ok, but you never know with these things. Perhaps I’ll get a very nice Christmas surprise in the form of a passing grade report.

Several weeks ago, I still had several tax returns to finish before the October 15th deadline. I fared better with that than I did blogging. And finally, it’s budget season at my 9-5 job.

This is the Pre-Holiday torture character building time of the year. I track over 150 SBU’s (I guess I DID learn something in BEC! That’s Strategic Business Units in case you’re wondering.) for which finalizing their new budgets is an exercise that can only be appreciated with daily glasses bottles of Moscato.

I’m just kidding! (Just in case my mother reads this.)

I will definitely try to do much better. My next test is scheduled for February 2013. I’m taking REG during tax season 2013. Is that blasphemous?

Since I haven’t received my review materials yet (they are shipping this week), maybe I’ll even get in another post before I start studying again!