My FAR Study Plan + A Few Days Away

21 Mar 2013


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Since my last post I have been studying a bit here and there. I should note I have not yet scheduled my first test date.

I am waiting to do so because my boyfriend and I will most likely take FAR at the same time. He will finish school mid-April, so I don’t want him to feel the stress of school and CPA cramming. I am anxious to get part of it over with soon though.

I was trying the 4 hours a day study method. Waking up early is not my thing and 4 hours after work, since I don’t get a lunch hour, is really hard to deal with.

One of my professors from school suggested 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. So far this is much more doable with my lifestyle.

On weekends I can pack my notes when we go climbing and study when I am not on the rock and during the week I can get an hour of gaming in every now and then.

I have been using the Wiley test bank the last few weeks. The first section test I took I got a 70 and was feeling pretty stoked. The next section I took I got a 42, guess I found that section I really need to study.

Multiple choice mathematic problems have never been good for me. For some reason having some answers that may or may not be right just confuses me. I have to work the problem and then see the options … I have to say my confidence has shaken a bit, but this is just the beginning I can’t let it bring me down.

I leave Wednesday for some time in Phoenix for a few days. The study materials are, of course, coming with me. I hope I can get some good review time in, but I am also looking forward to some delicious food and pool time.

I may even learn to golf, sounds hilarious … especially to me, but I have gotten 2 hole in one shots on Tiger Woods golf. Yea! Figured now I’ll give the real thing a try.

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