FAR Exam Taken, AUD Still Ahead

28 Aug 2013


Kimberly is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey Peeps!

I took FAR yesterday! I must say that the bark (preparing) appears more difficult than the bite (the actual exam).

There is just sooooo much information to cover when studying for this BEAST of an exam and then you go into the exam and you don’t even get most of the topics in the book.

I kind of feel cheated. Like I wasted my time, but I guess no one can ever be certain of what topics they get on their exam so you have to prepare for everything.

Anyways, I am definitely grateful that I took the time off to sit for these 3 exams. It was very intense preparing for them and I do hope this method has paid off because summer 2013 (all day every day) was spent studying.

I think its time to stop now. Oh no! I still have AUD to start studying for. I guess the positive to studying for AUD is that I will be back home in my island paradise (below).

Yes!! I can’t wait to be home.

kimberlyparadiseHiYa Ninjas!

Keep the flow moving! The more you study the higher your chances to pass! Oh yea and the NINJA Flashcards are definitely awesome! They definitely help to reinforce the concepts and keep you company at night when you’re feeling guilty for sleeping instead of studying….

Or is that just me?

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