Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Kitty

06 Apr 2012


By Koneko


Hello, my name is Kitty.

I graduated college last May, and I started my current public accounting internship this January. (Busy season ends early in this firm so I thought it would be good to start studying while I’m used to 60+ hour work weeks).

I tried to start studying for the CPA Exam immediately after I graduated last year in May… didn’t happen.

My only reason (which feels like a meager excuse in comparison to what other people who have busy adult lives are going through) was being burnt out after taking credit overloads for the last two years of college so I could graduate a year early.

If I could do this over, I would have applied for the NTS as soon as I graduated and not allowed myself to keep moving test dates. I did by some miracle manage to pass FAR in November with a 76. ^^.

My NTS will expire after May 1st. While I usually plan out study times (timing exactly how long it takes to read a page or finish an assignment), it feels impossible to be ready to take AUD (4/23), BEC (4/26), and REG (5/1) when I start calculating how much time I need to be adequately prepared. My current study plan is simply to study as much as possible.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been going straight to library after the internship each day and staying till closing (9pm) and spending the majority of weekends at the library. I’ve completely given up on taking notes by hand and instead spend my study time reading review notes and doing as many Wiley MCQs as possible.

Hopefully, I will be done with chapter/section 2 of AUD by the end of tomorrow.

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Jeff - 12 years ago


Derek 12 years ago

I don't know how I feel about your blog. You are exception to the average person. You graduated a college early, you work over 60 hours at a CPA firm and you passed FAR already. I admit I am jealous and this blog is a little irksome to read only because you got this in a bag already. It feels more like bragging.

Theo 12 years ago

@ Derek Chan ... calm down.

Kitty Chen 12 years ago

I'm sorry if it sounded that way. I'm not an exception to the average person. I graduated college early, but unlike other college students, I didn't have any extracurricular activities or took classes because I thought they sounded interesting. Public accounting interns would be working over 60 hours during busy seasons, and I imagine most of the adults writing these posts are working over 60 hours when you count their work life and their responsibilities to their families. If you graduated recently, FAR would be much easier to pass because you would have learned IFRS while learning GAAP.

FNJ 12 years ago

Hi Kitty, how did your other exams go? I hope you passed!