Back from Prometric: Two CPA Exam Sections in One Day

03 Apr 2012


By Kricket

Kricket is a Moderator on the Forum. This is her post-exam report after taking REG and FAR in the same day.

1. I'm exhausted!

2. Would I ever recommend anyone do this unless they were about to lose a score? NO, but if you had to do it then REG and FAR would be the best combination, in my opinion. There is a lot of cross-over between the two. I had to remind myself which test I was on!

3. Do I think I passed REG, FAR or both? We'll see sometime in May.

4. Did the testlets get harder or easier? Define Harder or Easier. Nothing about this exam is easy, in my opinion. I can never tell anyway. To explain what I mean, without violating disclosure rules, I will use the following example:
What colors to you mix to get green?
A. Yellow and Orange
B. Blue and Yellow
C. Red and Black
D. White and Blue
And then the next question is:

How many parts of yellow and how many parts of blue are required to be mixed in a 5 gallon bucket with a hole 16 inches from the bottom to achieve the ultimate goal of teal, if you didn't want a dark teal and not a chartreuse?

A. 1 part Yellow, 2 parts Blue
B. 2 parts Yellow, 2 parts Blue
C. 3 parts Yellow, 1 part Blue
D. 3.6 parts Yellow, 1.4 parts Blue

If the questions went from Kindergarten level to an Art college level in the same testlet, then is the testlet a hard or medium one?

Like I said I can never tell.

5. Were there any surprises? No. I had either read or worked a problem on every topic on both exams. There were no surprises. The NINJA notes were great. I just wish I had a photographic memory. On a couple of questions, I could see the page in my mind and I knew where the answer was on the page, but I couldn't read it.

The NINJA audio for REG gave me few points that I might have missed otherwise. Thank you Jeff! Those memory tricks are great!

6. Was it tricky? Of course, it's the CPA exam. I got flustered on a couple of questions and wasted time but that was mainly because I didn't RTFQ! I regrouped and started that question over, ultimately I managed to get an answer that I believed to be correct.

7. Did I do EVERYTHING possible to pass? I think I did but my scores may tell me that I did not. There is no one to blame but me if I don't see two 75's.

8. Did I put too much emphasis on studying one topic at the expense of others? Maybe.

9. I'm exhausted!

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12 years ago

Best wishes to you!!! I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be...

Laura 12 years ago

i thought about you all day!! I sent positive vibes your direction. I know I will hear great news from you in May. -keeptrying

aditi 12 years ago

You are a rockstar for even just attempting two in a day.(It is a nightmare that I often have!!) Good luck. I hope you pass :)