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18 Jun 2013


Kristin is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well, as my title states, another 74, BUMMER!!

I am feeling the pain in the word ‘another', as this was my second 74 on the AUD test. I took it last year and had a lot going on, didn't feel like I passed when I left, and ultimately was correct.

Now this time around, I was feeling foot loose and fancy free! Okay, not really, but I felt good prior to sitting for round two. I felt solid with most of the material, and I felt I grasped it in a way that I didn't the first time around. I went in, AND LEFT, feeling confident.

And then I got my score. Another 74. Are. You. Kidding. Me.

I got my score a few weeks ago, and honestly have to say, it is still sinking in. I just don't get how I could feel better about the material and the test, and do the same in the end. Needless to say it was heart wrenching, gut punching, motivation stealing. And of course, it was at the end of a testing window. And double of course, it is changing starting the next testing window.

I have BEC scheduled for July 13th, and am really having a hard time getting in to it. But it is like taking a nasty cough medicine…a little at a time, I have to do it, it is for my own good. I have taken a cost accounting class before, although long ago, so it is nice that the subject is not completely foreign to me, but it is still a LOT, a lot of formulas and concepts and memorizing.

Last week I had a planned vacation with me and my boys to San Francisco, and we went, and had a blast. Aside from the plane ride, I did very little studying. Now that I am back, the next thing on my agenda is my test, so it is time to get in gear. I may move my test out a little bit, but am undecided as of now.

Currently, I am using lecture videos, and the NINJA Flashcards, which are great because it is something I can do 4 of, or 5, while I am on hold, or downloading something, or even one in between reading each email. I am getting ready to start unit 3/6 in my videos, and I have been watching the lectures and taking notes…notes….so many notes.

My last post was much more light- prior to my second 74 knowledge. I know once I get back on track and start covering more material, and getting comfortable with it, I will feel better.

As I said before, hopefully being accountable to this blog, as silly as it may seem, will be the push I need to fully get back up. My words of wisdom I leave with today, of course are not about AUD, but….two things I keep telling myself.

1. If failing a test is what is gut punching and heart wrenching in my life, and some of yours as well, we are all very fortunate. For example, turn on the news. If this is our bad day, week, or month, we are lucky. Period.

2. My boyfriend reminds me, if this was a license that was easy to obtain, it wouldn't be as respected, it wouldn't be such a ‘big deal', and the victory won't be as sweet in the end. I am reminded, thankfully, that if I am getting scores that are this close, I am in the right place. I am close. I will get there.

-Number NINJA Kristin, out.

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