BEC Study Update: Yawning My Way through the Material

10 Jul 2013


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At times I wonder if I resemble Homer Simpson while I study for BEC. I recall him drooling at his desk with important information in front of him, falling asleep, spilling coffee, simply not able to be engaged by the work in front of him.

I think if I take out the drool part, and add some hair….possibly this is me watching BEC lectures. Try as I may, try as I might, when I study for BEC I want to go night night!

So I have been slowly making my way through the video lectures, at a much slower pace than planned. Work has been chaotic and I am learning so much new material here, it is hard to create brain space for three thousand equations and subscripts and variances.

A little at a time I say, and every day I try to put my fingers to the material in some way, whether it is flash cards, notes, or lectures. Just at least touching the material every day, and so far I have had about an 85% success rate.

I am finishing up the BEC lectures today and tomorrow, and this leaves me 3 weeks for MCQs and review, which I really hope is enough, since I am retaking AUD in August and need to be at peace with this test for AUD round 3.

My plan once I complete my videos is to first go through each section in my course's MCQs, and highlight sections of my notes that my MCQs are lacking in. Then I am planning on doing the same with Wiley MCQs, and hopefully the areas will align and stand out like a double highlighted sore thumb.

After I have made my way through all of the MCQs, or at least a good portion for each section, I will take my lecture notes, with my NINJA Notes, and rewrite the highlighted/trouble areas.

The last week prior to my test, I will go all out with MCQs over and over and over, doing a final review of IT and Corp Governance the day before, and reviewing a lot of the equations the morning of (or at least this is my plan as of now). I also plan on doing a few practice memos in that last week, since I feel writing is one of my strengths, I do not want to put too much time into this area.

I will keep you posted as far as what is/is not working for my studying techniques this time around, and leave you all with this quote.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Vince Lombardi

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