BEC was Brutal + AUD Round Three Up Next

05 Aug 2013


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Well, I officially sat and experienced the BEC monster I have heard about. And I agree. BEC was brutal, in my opinion.

I am pretty sure I didn't pass, by how much, I don't know. This is my take-away-from exam wisdom, which I do have I promise!

I didn't study ENOUGH. Period.

I had to go out of town at the last minute for a week due to my mom having some health issues. So from Oregon to the east coast I went, and I really thought I would suffer missing that week, which I did. But realistically, unless I miss it by a few points… problem was that I didn't devote enough time to it.

For me personally, I confuse equations easily, and there are SO many equations to learn, I really should have given a lot more time and energy to this test. And next time I will. But tip #1: Do not underestimate this smaller book with topics you have taken likely in high school and college. It is tough, it is not the little easy one.

As far as learning equations, I think writing and re-writing and re-writing them is essential along with MCQS.

Also, if you don't have the NINJA Audio, GET IT. It is an easy way to pick up a few things without needing silent alone time. Not that I don't have to bribe my kids at times to sit through Jeff's explanations on elasticity, but for commuting it is AWESOME. Worth it….

Many of us work full time, have kids, have life events, and there are times that we just didn't get enough study time in, but the little things I remembered from the audio were great.

As far as the written part, I didn't study at all. I skimmed over some examples and called it good, as writing is my strong suit. And I think if you know what you are talking about, you can jump right in, no worries. If you get a topic you don't know so much, then it is stressful. How can I organize my thoughts and points when I don't know what points to make?!?!?

And I always hear conflicting things on whether content matters or not, and I really am not sure. BUT, this is my advice: If you have NO IDEA what you are being asked to explain or recommend, then go with your best guess.

For example, the questions asks, what are the benefits of an orchid over a tulip, and I have no idea, so my best guess is that they are more rare, come in more colors, and are cheaper (not right content wise).

But commit to your best guess, and form your memo and focus on your grammar, spelling, and layout. If you don't know what the content piece is, don't let it ruin your chance of getting the rest of it spot on. Accept it and move on, and if your content is off, be spot on with your delivery. Well, that is what I did with one, so maybe I should get my results before I preach, but that is my thought.

In the end, although I can pretty much guarantee I did not pass, I never say never. But I am prepared to do things much differently next time around. I usually watch lectures, take notes on everything, and this takes a GREAT deal of my study time.

I think with BEC it is more important to use concentrated notes, youtube or watch specific pieces of lecture for something you don't understand, and then practice them over and over until you really can recall the equation and how you got there.

Up next, Audit, round 3. Just the thought of it is giving me crazy person twitchy eye…..

“Well done is better than well said.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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