A Balanced Approach to Preparing for AUD

22 Mar 2013


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Hi Ya’ll

After long hours of basic AUD material review I’m back to that familiar place known as the land of make-believe (i.e., MCQs from the Wiley Test Bank). My favorite part of this study will definitely be the finish line.

Luckily I’ve been here before, but every time my mindset changes with regards on how to approach the studying. This past week I decided that as much as I obsess over the MCQs, for this exam I should spend some of that passion elsewhere, on the more intangible aspects of the exam.

From what my research has been showing, most candidates fail simply because of lack of physical strength. They often find the spirit is willing but the body, not so much. And when it comes to a 4 hour exam you’d be hard press to find many willing to go the distance.

In the light of this, I’ve started to meditate and explore better eating habits. I figured a strong balance of mind, body and spirit would surely help me reach my goal faster. Not that slaving over MCQs isn’t fun, but some variety in my basic habits is always welcomed.

So, in the spirit of going the distance I’m now incorporating meditating into my study habits. Various forms of meditation seem to help the brain and body in untold ways. For now I’ll work out the kinks to studying with my new routine.

I’m sure it’ll add a few extra points to my score when it’s all said and done. Until then, keeping strong and carrying on.

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