AUD Exam Sims + Starting REG in a Few Days

17 Apr 2013


Larry is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi Y’all NINJAs,

Here I am at the keys once again waiting and anticipating the result of another exam. To recap, I recently sat for AUD this past week.

Going into the exam I had already completed a substantial amount of Wiley MCQs practices. But I had this feeling in my gut that I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Sims are what will make or break the good feeling you get after moving unhindered through 90 MCQs. In short, I had to take a weekend and get in some longs hours of unadulterated sim practice.

A point I’ve come to realize about the sim is the more practice, the better the score on the MCQ practice exams. This point really proved itself to me during the MCQ portion of AUD.

Often, the sim practices I encountered from the Wiley book review were thinly veiled MCQs question. I was a bit astonished the exams came out that way.

Now that I’ve had a day or so to sit, reflect, and let it fully sink in, I can only wait and see what the score will be. Fortunately I’ll have REG studying to occupy my thoughts in the coming weeks.

Cheers to you.

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