It All Comes to an End: I Finally PASSED the CPA Exam

30 May 2013

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Hi Y’all NINJAs

I’m glad to report I finally passed all sections. I’m not quite sure if I have ever felt this good to be over with an undertaking such as this.

hose two hours, that cruel wait between receiving the email about the score release till actually seeing it was more than enough for a lifetime.

But hey it’s over, and the long journey, fraught with the many MCQs along the way I wouldn’t relive for all the pesos on the planet. With that I leave you with a thought and a few words.

Good luck to you.

What shall be said?

When the voices of the arena shout loud
And the feeling of discord draws near
With clouded minds and fearful hearts
The voice shall say in ear
It cannot be surmounted, the mountain
It is too high
And it shall say,
The road you travel is fraught with danger and peril
The journey cannot be won
And it shall say,
The heart of man is feeble
There’s no strength for the toil, there is none!
But when the clouds have dissipated
And the fear abated
What then shall it say?
When the mountain heights have been surmounted
What then shall it say?
When man proves strong to overcome his feeble heart,
When the journey undertaken
Has met its due reward
What then shall it say?
It shall say
For nothing shall be said
When it has all been said
And done

{Original verse by Larry}

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