First Exam Behind Me: Awaiting FAR Score + Starting on AUD

08 May 2013


Leah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

My first exam ever, FAR, is over. I’m relieved that I made it through and my training wheels are off.

The one and a half hour or so drive one way to the testing center into ‘city’ traffic was more stressful than sitting for the exam! (Yes, I live rural). I’m a sci-fi fan so I was thinking teleportation would have been really nice.

I did what any other NINJA would do; listened to NINJA Audio for the whole drive. There are a couple of tollbooths to pass through, and I was a little peeved about stopping at them not so much because I had to give them money, but because they were interrupting my audio!

The Prometric process was a breeze, and my nerves settled down after I started the exam. I had a moment of panic when SIMS started loading and it looked like a jumbled mess for about 12 seconds. Those few seconds felt like an eternity, but it finally loaded properly.

I almost wish it hadn’t loaded because the set of SIMS they threw me was horrendous. All three MCQ testlets weren’t too bad, but the SIMS, wow. For an hour and a half I sat there staring at 5 of them thinking, ‘what are you asking me to do?’

If I’ve learned anything on Another71 it’s that predicting scores is futile. I’m going to move on to AUD and try and keep my mind busy while I wait on FAR results.

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