Hopeful that I’m Done: REG Squeezed into Extended Window

13 Dec 2013


Leah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I last wrote about my AUD pass that put me at three fourths finished. I also mentioned I was considering squeezing in REG in the last window of 2013 since AICPA opened up the first week of December.

I went back and forth over it until the last minute and I finally committed to giving it a try.

I just couldn’t let the window pass without attempting REG. I knew I would only be half ready, but I knew if I spent every waking minute cramming that I would at least have some small shot at actually passing. If nothing else, I would get to see what REG was about and have an idea of where I am and where I need to be.

I shamefully missed half of Thanksgiving trying to cram. Leftovers are good, but not as good as spending time with family. I missed out on that this year, and I’m crossing my fingers that it was worth it. Instead, I spent my time with Wiley, lectures, and the NINJAs.

As for the exam, my testlets seemed to go from medium to hard and back to medium. I used what I had read on Another71 forum about time management for REG and ended up using 25-30 minutes on testlest 1 and 3, and about 40 minutes on testlet 2.

I had about 1 hour and 20 minutes for SIMS. SIM topics weren’t shocking, but several were a little more complicated and unclear than I liked. I still didn’t have much time to really be able to search AL for help.

I found it most frustrating that many topics weren’t hit on while one or two others were hit pretty hard. On the positive side, something pretty cool happened. I picked up a ‘fact nugget’ on the NINJA Audio on the way to the exam that helped me answer a question. I like it when things come together like that.

Overall, I feel like I had to do a little too much guessing. I’ll take the experience and use it if I have to re-take REG. Until scores release, I’m taking a few days off to catch up on things I’ve let go.

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Nicole Butler 10 years ago

This is exactly what I did...hoping for a little grace on my score as I felt I was doing more guessing than pulling the knowledge out from the depths of my memory bank. I was a little more confident going into REG in the extended window because I passed REG before on the first attempt (lost credit) and I work in tax. But like I said, lots of guessing... I hoped the time I spent cramming wasn't all for nothing, so I kept my testing appointment and thought, eh, what the heck. I would feel better about getting it out of the way and giving it a shot, so I did. Good luck on your score release and thanks for sharing.

Ray 10 years ago

I also took REG in the extended window. I felt like I was guessing on many questions and also felt like the sims were unclear. I really am just hoping for a miracle at this point.