Back to Reality: FAR Looming after an Island Getaway

07 Mar 2013


Leah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

The vacation came and went. I told myself I would try to study a little every day over the trip, but that didn’t happen.

I did get to use NINJA materials on about two of the eleven days. This isn’t what I planned, but I was just too wound up and ready to explore and have new experiences.

I came back from the trip to a mountain of laundry and disarray, and just as I suspected, I hit a wall. I don’t want to jump back into studying full time.

My mind is still in overdrive with getting things back in order, and I also have to have birthday cake ready this weekend that will serve about thirty people.

I grudgingly made myself work on some MCQs for about an hour yesterday. My strategy today is to remember how lucky I am to have had a chance to get away for a little while, and to actually be a CPA candidate.

I have seven full weeks to focus on preparing for my April 29th date with FARE. Just two weeks ago I was so excited to schedule that first exam right before I left on the trip. It’s time to suck it up, pull it together, and focus!

On our country roads, it is possible that I pass by more cows than people. Having said that, the Prometric site is located about a two-hour drive away in a larger city, and I knew I had better scout out the location ahead of the exam. I definitely don’t need the added stress of not knowing where the testing center is located come exam day.

The day we flew out for vacation, I got my husband to drive us by the Prometric site on the way to the airport since they are located about 15 minutes apart from one another.

Now I don’t have to worry about getting lost or not being able to find Prometric on test day. One less thing to worry about, phew!

One thing I accomplished right before the trip was going to the AICPA website to check out the example exam. I thought the format was pretty easy to use, but I wasn’t comfortable with using the reference tool to complete the SIM that asks for the codification reference.

I’m not sure there is a way to practice for that type of SIM except to be familiar with the topics. Apparently my ‘search’ abilities are not up to par.

I’ll finish this entry with a photo of us coming back from snorkeling in Grand Cayman Islands, and some encouragement to keep working toward your goals.

Becoming a candidate, passing exams, and getting work experience, are all things that can be done! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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