Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Marc

23 Jun 2012


By Marc


Hello all current and future CPAs. My name is Marc, I have a beautiful wife named Delaney, and I live in Fort Wayne, IN.

I graduated from college with a degree in accounting in 2009 and subsequently received my MBA in 2010 (Giving me over 150 credits!). I took a year break from any kind of studying and in August of 2011, I decided to embark of the CPA journey.

I am nearly a year into my studying and have had the following experience: Failed FAR in November 2011, Failed AUD in February 2012, and PASSED BEC in April of 2012. After passing, I have gotten a second wind and have realized that poor studying had a lot to do with my previous failing grades.

I am currently studying for my second go around with AUD and I have already seen a large difference between now and the last time I studied. I seem to be grasping the concepts instead of just trying to memorize … I also starting studying the NINJA Notes this time … Coincidence?

I just finished the lectures and homework questions for AUD and got an 85% on a 100 question progress test. Though I am very excited, I know that I cannot let my guard down because of how tricky the AUD test is.

I am going to keep cracking on the AUD simulations now, good luck and see you next week.

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Jeff - 12 years ago

Welcome Marc!