After a Little Break, Time to Focus on Regulation

03 Oct 2012


By Marc

Marc is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello All, yes I am still here, just took a little break.

After the relief of passing FAR, I have gotten somewhat out of my normal routine of nothing but studying. I found some time to play golf and spend part of my weekend with my family and brand new nephew Charlie.

I know I need to keep working as hard as possible but I think I took a few liberties because I felt so accomplished from passing FAR. Either way, I think I am ready to start back at full speed now.

I had to decide whether I wanted to study REG in a couple months and quickly do AUD (Failed twice so I imagine restudying won’t be as intensive) before the end of November in order to finish in 2012.

I decided to only focus on REG, which will give me much more time to study for it. I scheduled REG for Nov. 17th, which may be partially the cause for me being somewhat lazy with my studying lately.

I think that REG has been a lot like FAR in my opinion. The first time through the lectures, I was so completely overwhelmed and could not imagine how I was going to remember everything. To my relief, the more I study, I feel as though the information is getting condensed and much more manageable.

I know, Shocking that studying helps.

I now have 47 days until my REG test and as usual am dreaming of all I will do when I am finished. I feel like my wife thinks I am joking when I tell her of everything constructive I want to do because we have been married a little over two years and I have been studying for over a year now.

So half of my marriage has been studying constantly, and when I give myself a break, I have to do something mind numbing like watch television to settle my brain. Well I’m going to get back to REG, you all have a wonderful day.