Rocky Start to AUD Exam + Starting FAR Study

09 Jul 2012


By Marc

Marc is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I took AUD Friday and my experience was as follows: I went to work Friday morning to work a half day and take my test at 1 p.m. I forgot my passport (for second ID) and my NTS…so I started off real well.

Luckily I didn’t need my second ID and I was able to pull up my NTS on my phone. With all of that confusion and the fact that I had to take time to find a new place to park because they had the entire parking lot of where I usually park blocked off, I didn’t have time to eat lunch.

After downing a few pop tarts that I luckily bought earlier that day, I headed into the testing center. If all that was not enough, the fire alarm went off a half hour into the exam. I spent the next 15 minutes standing outside in 100 degree heat, but I did not lose any test time.

I thought the sets of MCQs were pretty comparable with that of the study materials. I think with Auditing I usually read the question and possible answers and either know it right away or have a really good guess.

Because there is no calculating like in FAR, I always burn through MCQs really quickly. I finished the MCQs in an hour and a half leaving plenty of time for simulations, and feeling OK about my performance so far.

The simulations were another story all together. One of the questions was on information I knew, but it went way more in-depth than what my review materials taught, so I was left guessing on a lot of them.

Another of the simulations looked like something that came right out of the FAR exam. I finally got to the point where I felt I could do nothing else and left with an hour still remaining.

To sum things up….I have no clue how I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got anything from a 65-85. I am a little unsatisfied because all of the practice exams and MCQs that I did. I always scored between 70-85 and expected to perform much better.

I guess I just have to wait another month to see how I actually did, and like most CPA candidates, there is no rest. I moved to my new house this weekend and am starting to study FAR on today. Good luck everyone.

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