AUD Score In + A Short Break From FAR


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Well I got my AUD score back that I had taken on July 6th. I ended up getting a 68 for my second failing score with AUD.

That news was particularly devastating because I thought I was so well prepared. This last test was my second time taking AUD and I went through all of the lectures, which just felt like review.

I continued to hammer MCQs until I was blue in the face to get as comfortable as possible with the material. I was scoring anywhere from 75%-85% on every progress test and practice test I did, with the exception of Final Exam 2 (70%).

I have read from many people on this site that with my MCQ software, you should be able to take your practice scores and add about 10% because they are usually that much harder than the real exam. Well that wasn’t the case for me.

I went into the exam with a lot of confidence and for some reason got hardly any “layup” questions. I consider a “layup” question one of those that is so obvious that you have no doubt in your mind that it is correct. I seemed to never be 100% sure on most of the questions.

After seeing my score I took the next two days off of studying for FAR, which I will take on August 31st. I went golfing and actually posted my lowest score ever, so at least there is a little silver lining.

Anyway, I have tried my best not to be discouraged by this latest fail and continue being positive. I’m sure there are hundreds of people in my position right now and I feel for them all.

Good luck everyone with your study and try to stay positive. Someday our lives will go back to normal.





4 comments on “AUD Score In + A Short Break From FAR”

  • Do not give up, Spencer! I took all four parts a total of 17 times–I wanted to give up so bad but would not until I tasted of victory. I am now a CPA!

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