Sharpening Details with an Extra Week to Prepare for FAR

05 Sep 2012


By Marc

Marc is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well I was still studying for FAR on Labor Day weekend. I had planned on taking the entire weekend off and enjoying it, but I ended up taking advantage of the extra week we were given because of the hurricane.

I am hoping this was a good choice because I would have taken it on Friday, and I was going through month end at work which left little time for studying.

I now have the next week to sharpen my knowledge on some of those minute details that I may have not had time for a week ago.

I am currently studying bonds and am a little baffled. I think that I have a good basic understanding of bonds, effective interest method, calculating carrying value, etc. But some of the Wiley MCQs are way over my head.

I can’t decide if it is worth it for me to get that deep of an understanding on something so complex.

I have taken 4 of these test so far and don’t think that they will be that mean. I think that I am going to try to sure up some of the other areas instead, but any opinion is appreciated on this matter.

Overall I feel pretty good about this test. I definitely feel like I know much more than my first FAR exam, but I am being very careful in being confident.

I have 2-3 solid nights of studying before my Friday morning test, so here goes nothing.