Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Maria

03 Apr 2012



After years of procrastination and thinking that I was not smart enough to go through this process, last year I decided to join the ride and take the chance.

I knew that in order to be able to sit in Florida I needed 15 more credits, that’s when God sent me a messenger that recommended applying through Virginia.

Making that decision allowed me to start the process without investing more $$$.

In order to be able to apply through Virginia I still needed 6 credits which I took during April and May of last year. I passed the classes (online classes are not easy), submitted my transcripts and bought self-study materials.

My plan:

  1. Complete lectures and MCQs
  2. One week for the progress test and general final review which will include re-write the notes.
  3. Master tax forms
  4. Read the notes every night
  5. Non Stop Wiley MCQs

I am using the ELL-Plan to spread the study hours through the days.

To all my procrastinators out there……… I am 31 years old, raising a family, working full-time and studying.

We can do this. The goal, CPA 2012!!!

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Jeff - 12 years ago

Welcome Maria!