DONE! CPA Exam Passed with a “Perfect” 75

07 Aug 2012

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I am very happy with my perfect passing score of 75 on REG. I was shaking when I went to NASBA’s website and cried when I saw my score… Two things came to my mind when I saw my big fat 75: (1) OMG, I almost failed for a second time and (2) Am I really done?!?!?!

Here is a summary of my journey:

    1. AUD – my first exam. I spent 6 weeks studying for this section. I was innocent and was not completely aware about what was the CPA examination process, but I was sure enough that I wanted to take this exam. I went through the lectures and Wiley MCQs once, made my own set of notes and worked nonstop MCQs and SIMS for about 2 weeks before the exam. This exam is all about theory, but don’t get surprise if you see numbers on your SIMS.


    1. FAR– second exam and it was a monster. This exam includes all accounting calculation that you can possibly imagine. I was scheduled to take the exam the second week of October, but I freaked out and re-scheduled the exam for the first week of November. This decision was my 1st HUGE mistake. For this exam I watched the lectures and worked all Wiley MCQs twice. I felt so unprepared that I “over did” and worked and endless amount of hours. The week before the exam I spent some time working weak topics that never showed on my exam … 2nd HUGE mistake. On exam date, I couldn’t remember the simple/easy topics that I had mastered before; I just had the “weak” topics on my brain. First time score 74 … re-take score 81 using the NINJA Notes.


    1. BEC– third exam. This was the “surprise” exam. Even though I passed on the first try with an 80, because of all the small topics on this exam, I was unsure on how to tackle the material. For this one, I watched the lectures, read the book, and work all MCQs once. I also made a set of notes that I carried with me everywhere, and I made sure to read those notes every day during the week before my exam.


  1. REG – fourth and last. First try failed with a 70. I followed the same process as before; watched the lectures, made notes and worked MCQs and SIMS.For my re-take I did the same and used a cram course and also listened to the NINJA Audio. I made every possible effort to pass and it seems that it worked. Got a perfect 75!!!

Congratulations to all of us with passing score!!!!!!!!

To those who are still struggling, keep fighting. This process is not about the smartest ones, but it is about those who want it the most.

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Trisha 12 years ago

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to say I'm done :)

Malvika 12 years ago

Big Congratulations on your win!! I'm currently studying full-time for CPA and would request if you could share notes for me to get a fair idea of what achievers work on, esp FAR & BEC :) Have a great life ahead, CPA :)

FNJ 12 years ago


Maria 12 years ago

Thanks to All!!! @ Malvika, Few things that say to everyone who asks: 1. Download Jef's study plan excel sheet and create a doable plan. 2. Don't re-schedule your exam unless you are waaaayyyy behind. As it happened to me with FAR, I re-scheduled the first time because I freaked out. After taking the exam on my new date, I felt that I was really prepared to take the exam on the original date. 3. Take this process can study and still have a life. For example, since you are studying full time you can leave Friday and Saturday nights to go out with friends or family. That creates a balance in your life, and you would feel less miserable. As far as how I approached FAR and BEC: 1. Watched the lectures, made notes, worked MCQ's and SIMS and more MCQ's and SIMS. Wiley was key in my studying process. I have to say that Wiley was very similar to the real exam on MCQ's and SIMS 2. For you written communication in BEC make sure that you stay on topic, submit your memo with no grammatical errors and to use accounting terms in "full" words. For example, use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles instead of US GAAP. You just need 3 paragraphs: intro, body and conclusion with 3 sentence on each don't need to write an essay. Good Luck!!!

Su 12 years ago

Congrats!!!! I'm studying for Audit part(first time) and so stressful.. Thanks for your blog! it is very helpful!

CPA628 12 years ago

Congratulations. You are FINALLY DONE!!!! Go out and enjoy your new freedom!!! I can't imagine what that feels like, I hope to get that feeling soon.

Malvika 12 years ago

Thanks for the detailed information. I shall keep in mind :)

Candace B. 12 years ago

Hugh Congratulations! Now that you reflect, which order would you take the 4 parts now...? I'm just embarking on the journey....!

Tina 12 years ago

Congratulations!! Reading youre testimony brought a lot of confidence!! Im definitely going to pass my CPA by hook or crook!! Even I have a son like you and im doing my CPA for him, im sure if a mother like you can succeed nothing is impossible! God bless and congrats on youre achievement! :)