Motivation! Life After the CPA Exam

17 Aug 2012


Maria is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

How is my life after passing the CPA Exam?

Here are just a few of the endless things I enjoy to help motivate the NINJAs:

    1. You can get out of bed on weekends at your leisure. Not having to be at the library Saturdays at 8AM and Sundays at 10AM feels amazing.


    1. No bags with me, just my purse. I don’t have to carry my laptop, the books, highlighters, etc…anymore.


    1. No schedule. We (husband, son and I) can do whatever we want M-F after work and weekends are even better.


    1. The house is clean. Even though my husband was a great support and helped me with all the house duties, it is better when you DIY.


    1. You can make plans. I have now booked: (a) Labor Day Weekend getaway (b)a week out to Puerto Rico in October to celebrate my brother in law’s wedding and (c) another week in December to Puerto Rico to spend the holidays with the family…Btw, if you live in South Florida the airfares out of Fort Lauderdale using Air Tran are cheap now.


    1. You can spend time with your love ones. Making plans to celebrate your special someone’s birthday party is priceless.


    1. Happy!!!!!!! With an email from your board of accountancy saying: “Please read, complete and return the form at the link below so I can issue your license”


If none of these motivates you to be done with the CPA exam, well make your own list, but look for something that moves you to the next level.

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JoMarie 12 years ago

Love it!!! Right now I'm waiting to hear from my board. Then it's happy dance all the way!!!

momto5 12 years ago

This sounds wonderful!!! So happy for you, and can't wait until that is me too!