ELL Plan in Action to Pass Regulation

09 Apr 2012



Hi all,

Enjoying the process and thinking that I am almost done!!! That’s the attitude.

I have been telling myself that everything is going to be fine and I am going to pass REG on the first try. Different from all other parts, most of the topics in REG are new for me.

So far, I have completed all the lectures, now is time for final review.

The plan for the next week or so: re-write notes and master individual taxation. Looking at my notebook, I am not sure if I over did the “notes taking.” OMG, I have 2 pages left on my notebook LOL……

At work: Two long weeks ahead of me…….Fiscal year ended on 3/30/12, and financial statements submission to Japan on 4/9/12….Thankfully, we are only 4 in the accounting/finance department, and this is a small operation.

At home: everything is working great. My hubby keeps me motivated. He sends me a text message every morning: ”Buenos Dias Mi amor: levantate que tienes que estudiar” (He works super early). As an obedient good wife (LOL) I get out of bed, get a shower and turn on my computer.

To keep my motivation up, I’ve booked a weekend getaway after my exam, rescheduling it is not an option….great way to reconnect with the family.

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Jeff - another71.com 12 years ago

I dig it. Thanks for the pic!