Enjoying Life While Waiting on REG Score

19 May 2012


Maria is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


Hope everyone is doing well and keeping up with your study plans….

I am positively waiting for a passing score in REG. Failure is not an option.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been enjoying my time without studying. That’s the reason of my absence from the blog.

It feels so good not to worry about studying. It is a huge relief.

I can now go wherever I want after work, enjoy the family, go to the park, walk, jog, etc…. I have cleaned my house, gone to theme parks in Orlando and to the beach… Life is good!!!

I have also used my time off to look for online colleges where I can complete the 9 credits that I am missing in order to get my CPA in Florida. I need to take Intermediate Accounting II, Business Law, and Audit II. I got some information from LSU, but I am not still convinced, so let’s see how it goes. Any recommendation will be appreciated.

To all of you studying, keep your focus and don’t let anybody take that dream/goal out of your 2012’s “Things to Do.” Those 3 letters are going to make a huge difference in our professional future and in our income.

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