REG Score In: Back on the Study Train

31 May 2012


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Hi everyone!!!

I am back on the study train. On my last post I was almost sure that the CPA exams were history, but guess what??? I failed REG with a 70. ?

My plan for the re-take:

1. Watch the lectures

2. Write a new set of notes

3. Work MCQs on my self-study program

4. Work all Wiley MCQs

5. Take and pass the exam the first week of July!!!

To be honest, the time off and free from studying was great and I want to get back to that mode soon.

Well, I am wishing you all the best on this upcoming score release!!!


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CPA628 12 years ago

Shoot, I'm sorry to hear that:( You are so close and you have a great attack plan. Good Luck!!