The Wait Continues for My (Final?) CPA Exam Score

19 Jul 2012


Maria is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

The big question … how to keep my sanity while waiting for my last score for the second time??

Well, I have been cleaning and redecorating the house. I have also been spending quality time with the family and planning some weekend getaways to catch up with friends and with the world.

I really want to know my score; my mind and nerves are driving me crazy. I took the exam on July 3rd. I am still thinking on the MCQs and SIMS, trying to figure out how many I have gotten right/wrong.

I want to take this time to give some tips, as I know many of you browse through looking for the perfect formula. Here are some ordinary, not magic, tips:

    1. Study Plan – create your own study plan or download the NINJA Study Planner. Keeping an honest track of the hours that you are planning to study will help you in the process.


    1. Get the Wiley test bank – If you have spent or are planning to spend big $$$ on a CPA review course, make sure that you add Wiley to your shopping list. Having 2 different source of MCQs and SIMS is helpful.


    1. Take notes and get the NINJA notes – Take notes while watching the lectures, or buy a set of NINJA notes and read them as many times as you can.


    1. Do not reschedule/postpone your exam date – Unless you are still on the first stage of review, watching lectures and working MCQ’s for the first time, stick to the original date. Chances are you are ready, and you are just freaking out.


    1. Keep a “healthy” life – Eat well and keep yourself active. It is easier to bring a bag of chips and a soda instead of few cups of fruit and water to the library, but chances are you are eating lots of empty calories. It is also good to add a walk or a jog when possible. That little jog in the afternoon helped me to relief some stress from work before hitting the books every evening.


    1. Be honest – Create a study plan that works for you!!!


… and the wait continues!!!!!!

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