Struggling to Find Motivation after Passing AUD & FAR

10 Apr 2013


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I was supposed to be taking BEC in a couple weeks, but haven’t been able to really get going studying. After passing FAR and Audit I thought I would be more motivated to get the last 2 complete, but for some reason I have been slacking big time.

I rescheduled my test for the end of May and am starting to study tonight. I think it was just so nice not worrying about studying during the 2 week break I gave myself and I didn’t want to have that end. I was able to do a lot more stuff and not be stressed about being ready for the test.

Then it hit me, I have to get going. I have given myself a little extra time because in April and May I have four weddings to go to and a bachelor party, so I’m not going to be doing much studying those days.

Does anyone else have problems staying motivated? I know I shouldn’t but for some reason I lose focus and in return make this test take longer than it should. I should be trying to get this done as quick as possible so I can be done with studying every night, but for some reason I just can’t keep it up.

Maybe if I had a more tangible reward at the finish line, but it will not mean a lot at my work since they don’t offer much for passing. I know I shouldn’t need that but I am struggling to make myself study.

Getting close to my one-year anniversary and trying to figure out what I should do. Only problem is my friend is getting married the day before.

Hopefully I can get off work and we can go do something for a few days after, I know that would make the wife happy and a happy wife means a happy life for me. Whatever we do I can’t let it take away from studying.

Good luck to everyone testing soon.

Time for me to get going with this and finish strong.

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