CPA Exam Success: Studying through Distractions

11 Mar 2013


Meg is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hellloooo fellow NINJAS!!

For those of you like me in the Midwest, I am sure you are finding it difficult to study considering this beautiful weather! Okay, I get it, it’s winter, it is supposed to snow, but doesn’t Mother Nature know that it is March!?

I am all too aware that it is March. As each month passes, I get more and more anxious as my 18 month pass window continues to get smaller and smaller. It is just so easy not to study.

They say professional basketball players (and really any serious basketball player) have his/her own strategy for free throws. They repeat the same routine before each free throw shot.

Whether they are at practice, out in their backyard or in front of a crowded stadium in a close game, they repeat the same routine.

That’s what I (and maybe you?) need, a study routine! We’ve all heard the expression “don’t reinvent the wheel.” I’ve decided to not reinvent the NINJA. The NINJA study method works, so actual-real people say on

So, I’ve printed out the CPA Review NINJA Framework, and I’m following it. I’ve (N) nailed the videos and written (I) intense notes. Now I’m onto the (N) non-stop MCQS. Pretty soon I will (J) just re-write it and then hopefully, please…please… it (A) all comes together.

Does anyone have any study suggestions to study through distractions? Like a basketball player who needs to hit 10 free throws in a row before leaving the gym, I “try” to hit 20 straight MCQ’s before closing the laptop.

I also study with headphones on, even if there is no audio…I figure it will then be less likely for someone to interrupt me, and if they do I can always claim not to hear them. My husband now calls me “NINJA Meg” as a joke, but I love it.

–Sincerely, Meg…NINJA Meg…shaken not stirred

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