Preparing for REG: Actually Studying or in Robot Mode?

31 Aug 2013


Meg is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I tested Audit August 15th, and lucky me, test scores don’t get released till around September 10th. Since I am in a non-Nasba state, I can expect my (hoping … hoping) passing results a few days later.

What if I don’t pass? This is completely probable, though I am told we should always think positively.

I can’t decide if I should continue studying audit right now or focus on the next exam (REG). I decided to focus on worst case scenario, while thinking positive. So I am doing some ‘light’ studying: retyping notes, listening to NINJA Audio.

This weekend I plan to re-watch lectures and begin MCQs over again.

Now, my issue is, “Am I actually studying or just in robot mode?” I tried over 5,000 MCQs before my exam. So none of the questions are new to me, and most I know automatically. I keep trying to remind myself, instead of just answering the question automatically, take a few moments to explain why that answer is right.

Ummm…yeah, that works maybe for the first 20 questions, and then I get lazy and just answer the questions.

Do you have any suggestions on how to keep actually studying instead of just going through the steps of studying? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Good luck to those waiting on their results and everyone studying, or in robot mode like me!

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