REG Realization: It’s a Trick Question!

25 Nov 2013


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I am a huge fan of My Cousin Vinny starring Marissa Tomei, the Karate Kid, Herman Munster and Joe Pesci. Since I was 7, I would randomly recite lines from the movie in inappropriate places.

I told my third grade teacher to “Imagine she was a deer prancing along…” Whenever I end up lost in a small town (happens more frequently than it should) I explain “I bet their Chinese food here is terrible.” I told my mother-in-law who lives in Ireland that I like my grits al dente. She replied “What are grits?

You get the point, I love the movie. Today I was drilling some MCQs for Reg.

One of the questions was: During the year, Precious moved from somewhere fun to somewhere not fun for her job, incurring costs of $1,200 to move household goods and $2,500 in temporary living expenses. Precious was not reimbursed for any of these expenses. What amount should Precious deduct as an itemized deduction for moving expense?

I immediately thought of Marissa Tomei’s response to the district attorney when she was asked a trick question about a 1955 Bel Air Chevrolet. She replied “It’s a bulls**t question…It’s a trick question!” As you know, this is a trick question because moving expenses are an adjustment to arrive at AGI, not an itemized deduction after AGI.

As I drill into more MCQs I am both recognizing and REALIZING that most of the questions are just there to trip you up. So, gotta remember the best advice I came across on the Another71 Forum, RTMFQ. If you don’t know what that means, search the site. So many questions I am getting wrong because I am not RTMFQ. After reading the question, I then need to ask myself What are these ridiculous testing jerks actually asking?

Good luck to you on your studies and please feel free to list any tips or enlightening study moments you encountered!

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