Olympic Distractions + Time to Dig into FAR

01 Aug 2012


Melissa is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I stumbled across a video clip that was posted on the Another71 forums. Here is my favorite quote:

“There’s an inverse relationship between happiness and likeliness to pass the exam. The more miserable you are studying, the more prepared you’re gonna be and the higher the likelihood you’re gonna pass…” -Peter Olinto

This has become my mantra. It was especially helpful yesterday when my family was enjoying a day of roller coasters, water slides and La Rosa pizza at King’s Island yesterday.

We can do this, but only if we put in the work. I had to force myself to turn off the Olympic coverage yesterday, because as much as I wanted it to be a background distraction, it was taking away from the “undivided attention” that I needed to be using toward passing FAR.

Although, I do have to admit that my fiancé and I were this close to running out and buying a ping-pong table after watching China squeak out a win over USA. We debated and ultimately decided we should wait until after I pass the exams. We will be able to enjoy it more. Plus, we will have cooler temps in the garage!

As hard as it is to study during the summer months, I keep reminding myself that it will only get more difficult as the holidays approach. Let’s dig in and get miserable, folks.

The rest will still be waiting for us on the other side.

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