Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Mia

15 Oct 2012


By Mia

Mia is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Knowledge: Either You Know It or You Know Where to Get It

Hi all!

I hope everyone is doing great in spite of the stresses of the exam. Just a little intro – my name is Mia, 22 years young, made in the Philippines, was raised there as well. I love hiking and making cupcakes.

Having an education not coming from one of the 50 bright states, applying to sit for the CPA exam has been a challenge. I had so many questions about the process.

I had more doubts – Will I be able to pass this exam even though I never really learned 50% of the topics tested (US-specific topics)? GAAP is being pronounced like GAP? Back in school I learned to say it as GA-AP :p

I did some research and applied to sit for the exam in the state of California. A few months and $ later, I was proven ineligible. That did not deter me from applying again and this time I got the go signal to sit for the exam in NH.

I’m taking BEC soon!

This life has always felt like a series of tests to me. On some tests, I scored A+’s and on others, not quite as notable. Let’s just say I got F’s for effort.

One thing I learned though is that life is not only for the most knowledgeable. That’s my dad’s line in the title and he taught me that being knowledgeable isn’t just about knowing a lot of things.

I believe we somehow all know where to get the knowledge that puts us over the 75 mark, both in the CPA exam and in life, and that’s by working hard.

So this blog post is a manifesto of my intent to work my hardest on the CPA exam. I’ll be updating you on my progress in the coming weeks!