Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Mindy

15 Jan 2013


Mindy is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello CPA exam-ers!

This is an introduction to me. My name is Melinda, but I go by “Mindy” and I am a “non-tanned Spanish, Italian” that lives in Anchorage, Alaska!!!!

Yes we are dark half the year and light half the year, but it is so beautiful year round and there is so much outdoor and indoor activities, that I want to burst!!!!!

BUT… I have to pass my demon child…the CPA Exam. I have sat 29 times, passed 2 parts, but all have expired. Now back to ground zero.

I feel like I am such an “oldster” when it comes to the CPA exam. I am 32 years old and have been through one of the toughest years of my life. First, a little bit about me. My partner and I married in 2007, moved from Florida to Alaska, and inherited 4 children that have now grown into 1 son-in-law and 2 grandbabies.

Since moving up here in 2008, I have been punishing myself for this exam, and not enjoying my “backyard”… didn’t think I would still be here 6 years later. My career path took me in the commercial route instead of the CPA firm where I only did one year.

After that I performed accounting for large, small, for-profit, and, not-for-profit corporations in a wide array of industries including restaurant, subdivisions, carnival, dentist, automotive, health care, city government, Alaskan Native Health Consortium, Federally Qualified Free Health Clinic, Alaskan Native Firms, government construction contracting…just about a little bit of everything.

I have even expanded into Information Technology as system and database support. All of my experience has led me to be in the position that was always right below the CFO, Controller, Vice President in training, etc..

Do you know what stops me from moving forward?


What has happened with the exam?

My study time turned into work time, where I made sure we passed the audit. I completed 80 hour work weeks. And my family, my health, and my CPA exam was sacrificed. Little did I know, the stress and damage kicked in.

We had glowing reviews of “best audit in 20 years”. For me, 2012 was a year of 5 surgeries with fighting for my life. Then the Friday before Christmas, because the doctor could not identify which month in the spring of 2013 I would be returning to work from the healing of my nerves in my neck, I lost my job.

Currently, the only way I can be on a computer for a little while is in a reclining or standing position. So since I am too disabled to work per my doctor, I figured I can work my goal of the exam into my recovery and therapy of rest and walking.

The short of my exam history: 29 times with only 2 passes = choosing work and sacrificing my health and family

My Plan:
1. Choose an exam. My worst exam is Regulation. I believe I shall start there.
2. Update material. All of my Wiley books are from 2005-2011 and video courses from 2010.
3. Study, Rest, Walk… Repeat…

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