Confidence: February is My Month to Pass REG

02 Feb 2013


Mindy is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

This week, I felt that I needed to get rid of all of my old CPA study material.

Originally, I was going to save it all, pass the exam, and have a big bomb party at my friend's house in her piece of old Alaskan gas pipeline firepit overlooking the cook inlet surrounded by mountains and amazing views…OK…enough daydreaming.

I felt like I had that hanging over my head and everyday I walked by the 32 gallon of countless study material and believed I was such a failure. So this week, I decided I am not a failure, I just redirected my time and energy elsewhere.

I have got to have the confidence to believe in myself. I completed double majors and a minor in four years. Then a masters in 18 months with a published thesis on ethics in accounting. In my career, I have had glowing reviews and amazing audit results. Now, I need that confidence in this test.

So, step one, get rid of this old material that is not going to help me. I had material dating back to 2005. Once I got rid of it, I felt a weight gone and a new being for me.

Regulation has been the lowest grade for me. I feel as long as my health holds up, February is the month I will finally conquer the portion that I have always received the lowest grade on the exam.

No more. I am studying by breaking down each topic and digging in. I am beginning to dig piece by piece in business law. I will tell you the detailed topics on my next post…Happy studying fellow CPA-Testers!

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