Bumps in the Road: REG Pushed Back to April

26 Feb 2013


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I have had a few bumps in my road since my last blog. Before I had stated I was beginning business law and going to sit in February.

Well, I had a few rounds of 4 to 5 days of migraines that threw me in bed, which meant that I could not study those days.

I kept checking Prometric for seats, and they were going fast. There are only two sites in the entire state of Alaska.

One in Anchorage where I live and one in Fairbanks, which is 359 miles away by only two roads to get there with no lights on the roads in the dark. Point being, it is kind of a risky drive.

When I moved to Alaska, I drove the road to Fairbanks from Anchorage for the Iditarod restart because there was not enough snow in Anchorage that year for the dogs to run. On the drive, there were so many vehicles ditched in the 20 ft of snow on the side of the road with an orange tape hanging off a part of the vehicle not in the snow.

Ha, I had to laugh when I found out that the vehicles will stay there all winter long instead of a tow truck getting the vehicles out. At that moment, I realized that it wasn't just the unsalted roads in the winter, the moose outside my door, the bears in my trash, the northern lights outside my window, the duct tape used to repair everything, it was how people could just use their snowmobiles for the rest of the winter until the snow melted to get their vehicles out of the ditch.

These are things that give me a good laugh, excitement, and break when I am studying for the CPA exam. I can stand up and look outside the window, and there is always something going on. The best part is that is just the winter. Between the beautiful nature, job market, moving to Alaska from Florida has been an adventure.

Now that I am recovering from the year of 5 surgeries and a fractured foot, I have a focus on this exam that only the headaches hold me back.

I want to walk in the exam with a NINJA attitude…Yes I can do it…..Yes I can pass this….

So since my recovery from neck surgery includes these migraines, I have to go with the flow. I can't just go to the test 50% unprepared. That is not the NINJA way. I have learned that after 29 times sitting.

I mean even though I have walked into a test and I know I was not completely prepared, there was always that “hope” once Jeff would email “scores have been released.”

Then, that would be followed up by disappointment. So in order to avoid that completely, I have a tentative schedule of Regulation in the first week of April and Audit in the last week of April or first week of May.

In the last week of February, the doctors are going to inject Botox in my head for my headaches. I have never head of this, but it could mean long enough relief to pump out the NINJA study schedule that I formatted for myself.

I will say that this year it is very interesting to see the new way the IRS is pumping out the new way it is processing the tax returns during the return season.

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