Study Plan: Time to Move AUD Back a Week?

09 Aug 2013


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My oldest daughter, Mia, had a Sneak-a-peek tonight. She will be going to the 1st grade at a new school. Talk about a distraction from studying!

I’m very excited that she’s going to this school and can’t wait to see how it goes. But, of course, I want to know every little detail about how it will go and I’ve been playing out scenarios in my head instead of studying for the last 45 minutes!

I mean I could have at least put on some NINJA Audio, but I’d probably have to rewind every 20 seconds…

So here I am, 2 weeks away from sitting for AUD for the 2nd time. The first time I walked away with a 72. I’m feeling okay about it, but I haven’t really done as many Wiley MCQs as I should have by now. My study plan has me finishing up AUD on Sunday and then a week for review to sit for the exam on the following Sunday.

That would give me only a week of nothing but MCQs…is that really enough? With REG I did the same study plan, but I did Wiley MCQs all along. I would go over a topic (it might take several lessons to cover 1 topic) and then do all the Wiley MCQs covering that topic.

After maybe 3 topics I would do tests where I would do maybe 30 questions, but they would be from the topics I had covered up to that point. By the time I was done with the study plan I had done all of the Wiley MCQs. This time with AUD I just haven’t been on it so now I’m worrying a little bit.

I’ve done the MCQs on maybe 3 topics so the next 2 weeks I’ll be knee deep (or maybe head deep!) in MCQs and I just hope it’s enough!

So I think I’ve talked myself into moving the exam out another week. That will give me 3 weeks of MCQs. I haven’t actually scheduled so I don’t have to worry about paying a fee. It will throw off my schedule for FAR, but failing AUD again would throw off my schedule even more!

Of course I’m telling myself that I’ll do much better when studying for FAR so that I won’t be in this predicament. Pray for me!


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