Praying for a Pass + Non-Stop MCQs before AUD Exam

23 Aug 2013


Monique is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Here it is Sunday morning and I’m not at church. Instead, I’m cramming before the big day when I retake AUD. I am praying that I pass this time and get closer to getting back to my life.

I feel horrible about it and have a million excuses. The truth, though, is that I may have had a plan but I failed to execute it and now I’m paying for it. I’m getting anxious because I’m not doing as well on the Wiley MCQs as I had hoped.

I have dedicated this week to nonstop MCQs and I know I’ll get better as the week goes on. Still, I feel that uneasiness creeping up inside of me…the same uneasiness I get each time a test date is approaching.

The normal thing I do to bring myself back down is to read the Bible. I am attempting to read it all the way through – front to back. With just a week until my test day I want to take a short cut to bring myself back down instead of using what I know what will work.

Instead of putting in the time I need (just a few minutes of Bible reading) I want to just keep doing MCQs although I’m not focusing which is causing me to get them wrong and causing me to get more and more anxious. See what a vicious cycle it is?

There have been times when I have been at the computer at the Prometric testing center and felt as though I was on the verge of a panic attack. Mercifully, I haven’t had one. Still, what I do then is just close my eyes, bow my head and pray.

Not the kind that you do when you are just going through the motions but a real, heartfelt, spirit moving prayer. I know it’s not for everyone but for me it works. The only way I can deal with every day stresses and deal with the ups and downs of studying for this exam are to give it to God.

Yes, I want to control it myself…I’m an accountant…isn’t part of that being a control freak? In reality, though, I can’t.

So here I am at home…streaming church in one window and the Wiley Test bank open in another window. I’m giving it to God. I’m going to take the next 45 minutes and listen to this morning’s message. And then I’ll do some MCQs. I will be ready…slow and steady.

Pray for me…I’m praying for you! We can do this!!!


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