Early Mornings, Bond, and BEC Rescheduled

23 Oct 2012


By nishap

Nisha is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

So I did the inevitable…well not really…but it sure feels like it. I rescheduled my exam.

I moved it from the end of October to the end of November. It’s not something I really wanted to do but I really didn’t want to walk into the Prometric center to fail an exam.

Unexpected things come up/happen or you get sick and sometimes you just have to make up for the missed time and unfortunately you can’t always do that. And I think I’m just starting to understand that.

My study schedule I initially had made…well that went out the window. So I’m making a new one and hopefully I only have to make minor changes.

I’m trying to stick the ELL Plan but my mornings are just not working for me.

I hate having to wake up before the sun is out…that’s not how it’s supposed to be! I need to be able to find some motivation to get back on my study schedule I once had.

Maybe that involves some energy drinks or a few 5 hour energy shots…who knows…but where ever it is, I need to find it soon!

Maybe if I get to a certain spot by November 9th….I can treat myself out to watch the new Bond movie in IMAX!! That sounds amaza-zing!! Hmmmm….