Getting Back into the CPA Exam Routine

11 Apr 2012


By nishap


So, I am in my third week of studying and I’m just a little behind from my schedule partially because as my fiancé claims “I’m sick” but I refer to it as a “case of allergies with a dry throat and a raspy voice.”

I’ve been tackling the Wiley MCQs and using NINJA Flashcards and have they helped in the smallest ways.

I use my hour lunch break to write my notes using the NINJA Notes and review them over. I will be honest, I haven’t really kept up with the “E” in ELL Plan.

I used to wake up around 4:00 every morning and study a solid 3 hours and then do my normal get ready for work then at 7 and be at work by 9 AM.

Now, I hit the snooze button every chance I can get for one more minute of sleep. Of course it goes from 4:00 AM to 7:30 AM. How about that for one more minute?!?! I’ve gone from being a morning person to…not. I need to get back in that habit.

The other night I had a dream….well, a nightmare. I had a dream that my wedding was moved from July to March (even though March has already passed) and my wedding stage wasn’t there, my caterer didn’t show, and nothing was set. But I was in my wedding outfit talking about corporate taxes with a family relative….um yeah.

I’m going to say that Nyquil played a part in that. On the bright side, when I know I’m dreaming about what I’ve studied I take it as a sign that I’m getting comfortable with the topic.

So my goal is to get ahead on my schedule because I have two trips coming up for wedding planning and I rely heavily on my weekend to study. This next week will be a challenge but if it’s in writing I know I can hold myself to it.

Hope everyone is making progress and moving forward with their study plans and good luck to those who are testing this month!!

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Nisha 12 years ago

Biggest I’ve been tackling the Wiley MCQs and using NINJA Flashcards and have they helped in the BIGGest ways. (Ahhhhh that’s what I get when I proof read too quickly). The Flashcards have been a tremendous help!

Mannie 12 years ago

I like the part about your wedding nightmare. I can relate only my nightmare was about being late on my test day and mentally blocked the whole time!!! Best of luck, you'll get through this...