Final CPA Exam Review Week + Finding Confidence

15 May 2012


By nishap

Nisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Finally hitting the last week and all I can think about is how much information there is, and that leads to second guessing myself which in turns leads to freaking out.

I just want to scream and have this beast done and over with but at the same time I want more time. More time to study. More time to nail the MCQ. More time to rewrite notes. Just more time.

I have totally come to second-guessing everything I know, and it’s hindering my confidence.

I have zero confidence whatsoever to walk into the Prometric testing center (which by the way the location completely changed when I went back to confirm my test time) and take this test and think I may just have a chance.

I really would love to reschedule this exam but with my wedding, my sister’s wedding, and the honeymoon, my NTS would expire.

I think I might be close to hitting rock bottom but I’m REALLY, REALLY trying not to. My wedding is coming up and with the scheduled score releases, it would be right before the wedding festivities. I really would like to celebrate. In order for me to get there, I have to work on my confidence. If anyone has anything that would help, please send it my way.

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Maria 12 years ago

Nisha, You have to pull your confidence out of *^&%%*. I am pretty sure you don't want to be thinking on your future study plan during your honeymoon. Make your wedding and all the festivities are your motivation!!!! Wishing you the best!!! PS marriage is not easy, but completely doable ;)