Home-Cooked Meals + Preparing for the FAR Beast

15 Jan 2014


By Parth

Parth is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.


The cold weather and snow has really served as a strong incentive for me to stay indoors and continue making progress on my CPA Review. Certain FAR topics have come to me quite easily, while other areas have provided a much greater challenge.

Also, I’ve found it difficult to read passages from my FAR textbook without feeling sleepy. Despite the struggle, I am appreciative of the opportunity to sit for the CPA Exam and I do plan to remain diligent.

I’m on Winter Break from school right now. This break has not only given me the opportunity to spend more time on CPA review, but has also reintroduced me to my mother’s cooking. What can beat the ability to devour home-cooked food during study breaks?

Living at home has put in me in many situations where my mental “zone” during MCQ sessions deteriorates due to the sound of a blender or a loud conversation between family members. I know I’ll miss the benefits of home when I return to campus later this month, so I imagine it makes sense to step away from my computer every so often to enjoy them.

My study strategy has evolved considerably over the past couple weeks, but here’s an overview of my current methodology:

1) Watch the video lectures while taking brief notes.
2) Read the accompanying passages from the textbook.
3) Work through MCQs from the textbook to gauge my understanding of the topic.
4) Review the weakest areas identified in step 3 & make any necessary additions to my notes.
5) Work through MCQs from the Wiley Test Bank to solidify my understanding.

The NINJA Flashcards have helped me quickly review key concepts for topics such as Accounting Changes. I’ve used my weekends as an opportunity to catch up on Task Based Simulations.

I’ve discovered that gaps in understanding become more obvious after attempting a Task Based Simulation on a topic. As a result, I plan to prioritize my final FAR review based on the areas that prompted the most unpleasant TBS practice sessions.

My test date isn’t until the end of the month, but now is not the time to start resting on my laurels. Rather, it’s time to rise to the occasion and get ready to conquer the beast called FAR.

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