Time Running Out: BEC Coming Thursday

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BEC is scheduled for Thursday the 28th.

I'm scoring well on the MCQ's and there's no reason why I can't pass this, but I feel pretty terrified right now.

With time running out, everything I do that doesn't involve the exam, feels like a compromise, from church to washing dishes, to writing this post.

Last night I decided to try something different. I downed a Red Bull and then took a full practice exam complete with 3 essay questions.

This was only the third Red Bull I've ever had and it barely made the trip home. It fell onto the pavement as I opened my car door, but only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

I actually felt pretty focused during the exam and completed all 72 Wiley MCQs in about 90 minutes, with a score of 82% – much higher than my scores leading up to AUD. But like most candidates, I tend to be coy about my prospects of passing.

Compared to AUD and FAR, BEC requires more thought, more application of principals and problem solving and algebra. I think my biggest challenge will be the time it takes to pick through some of the word problems.

I want to allow as much time as possible for the written communication problems. I've written about a half dozen WC memos so far. The topics are all familiar but not always to the point where I can provide a textbook answer.

In these cases, I jot down every thought or keyword that comes to mind, and use it to form a rough outline. I try to incorporate as many keywords as possible into the text.

I feel like Cinderella, every Saturday at the marina when my neighbors are heading out for a race.


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