Changes Ahead: New Job and REG Exam Coming in May

02 Apr 2013


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So we're moving to Las Vegas.

After passing BEC, I got a call from my former boss who took a job there. He needed a CFO and offered to fly us down for the weekend to interview and check out the area.

“Why not?” I reasoned. “After BEC, we could use a quick vacation.” So we went, but mostly for the nice hotel room.

“Great opportunity” I thought, “but there's no way we're leaving the northwest, especially after spending nine months on the boat.”

After returning, I texted him, asking to give us a little time to consider. And after careful consideration, we decided to go for it.

I start in May. Guess when I'm taking my last section, REG?

I watch one hour of REG lecture per day, starting with individual taxation. It's hard to focus with so many thoughts swimming in my head. My chances of passing are not good. I have no tax experience and I now only have two months left.

I really need to pass this. I don't want to waste another summer studying for an exam. I have to pass REG by August, or I'll lose my credit for FAR.

I feel pressured to get through the material so I can still have time to review. On the other hand, if you go too fast, there's really no point in watching the lectures. I find myself pausing and re-winding the lectures too often, because my thoughts were on moving.

The lecturer's voice bears a striking resemblance to the bus driver on Charlie Brown, and the subject matter literally puts me to sleep.

Good thing I'll be working for an S Corporation.

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