Final Review before REG + Thinking Ahead to Post-Exam Days

31 May 2013


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This will be my last post before my REG exam. If you've been following along, this could be my last section, but I feel much less prepared than with past exams and my scores reflect it.

I started my new job in Las Vegas last week. I'm staying at my boss's house for now, and will split my time between Seattle and here until my family comes down in September.

I've spent all of my time here, reviewing, though with so much information, it hardly feels like a review.

My scores on Wiley MCQs are all over the place. I scored 70 this morning on a set of 20 questions, then scored 45 on the next set of 20. I also scored a dismal 45 on the AICPA 2012 released questions.

Today I have been working on sims. Some people prefer to skip the sims because they feel the MCQ's are a better way to learn concepts. As much as they scare me, I think the sims do a good job of reinforcing the concepts; helps me to grasp the bigger picture that often gets lost in the minutia.

I also reviewed the AICPA sample test today. Their sims were much shorter than the Wiley ones. Hmmmmmmmm. What to make of it?

I've also been writing down lots of ‘fact nuggets' as Jeff calls them. They come up often during the MCQ's…. those little peices of decisive knowledge. Reviewing these has been helpful.

I'm still not sure how I will get to the test center in Phoenix. I don't want to waste an entire night driving when I could be reviewing notes. I'm hoping to hitch a ride, somehow, or maybe take the bus but it gets in pretty late. We worry so much about economy of time as the exam draws closer…. as if the last few days count more than the first few.

Things I would like to do after I pass the exam:

  • Spend more time with my wife and kids.
  • Relax on the couch and not feel guilty about it.
  • Finish restoring our Trans Am.
  • Finish building my Lego clock.
  • Re-connect with my friends.
  • Read an enjoyable book.
  • Re-connect with my guitar.
  • Some day write a book.

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