Still Studying for AUD while Traveling Abroad

23 Oct 2012


Patrick is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I'm writing this from a hotel in Stuttgart. I'm here for my two week annual training, in support of the European Command.

The hotel leaves some to be desired but it's palatial compared to our diggs back home…. palatial compared to the back of a Hummvee.

For breakfast this morning, I had a cappucino, orange juice, sausage, eggs, caprese salad, two slices of swiss cheese, two slices of smoked ham, and a warm croissant with Nutella. I will use even less restraint tomorrow.

I'm still pretty jet lagged. It's 10 PM and I just woke up from a nap to study for a couple of hours. I was very relieved to get my Wiley book in the mail, the day before I flew. Coming here without it would have been a major setback.

We did discover though, that our library has a good selection of Wiley books, including an online license for Kindle use. So if you're waiting for materials to arrive but want to get started right away, you might consider this option.

The plane ride was pretty successful; I knocked out 90% of the IT module and 100 MCQ's from the book, which I thought were pretty easy. I averaged 75%. Some of the material was familiar from AUD.

Having been through several IT audits and exams, I think, was also a big help. I plan to complete IT tonight and sustain the knowledge by working Wiley MCQs as I work through the remaining modules. I'd like to get through two more modules this week.

My only other goal is to clock 200 kph on the autobahn – an equally worthy and attainable goal.

The photo this week is of me atop our 30 foot mast, installing a wind direction sensor. No trick climbing equipment here; I used a couple of knots, one attached to a Swiss seat and one as a foothold, to ascend the main halyard line.

The knots are designed to tighten up when weight is applied, like a Chineese finger pull. To go up, you allow one knot to support your weight while sliding the other one up about two feet, then alternate. If you have to go up, make sure you bring the right screwdriver!